The Event Plane

December 2012

december 2012-architecture

Extension for the Place des Festivals. Exhibition space, artist studios and a small scene on the inside. Vast agora on the outside overlooking the the Place des Arts.

Site and context
Exterior steps, model

view of the exterior from Maisonneuve

Parc street entrance render

The underside of the plane has coloured LEDs that are controlled by the performing artists or serve the exhibition. The circular holes in the plane allows sunlight in during the day and let the light out by night, revealing the action inside.

Inverted isometric
Interior, model

view of the interior from the corner of Bleury and Maisonneuve

The space qualities were to be derived from a previous experiment with materials and space. In our case, a folded paper structure was the basis for our moves, and its texture inspired the punctures in our plane.

with Xavier Proulx