As a designer and developer, I have craft complex models across tangible and digital mediums. Coherence is what makes a project more than an assemblage of parts, and I keenly understand how critical the web is to physical human experiences.

Being able to test and iterate whilst keeping code clean, readable and easy to maintain is at the heart of my practice. In London, Tōkyō and Montréal, I have built performant and accessible web interfaces and custom tools for spatial analysis and discovery. My stack of choice is: server-rendered, semantic HTML/CSS with some JS sprinkled on top, maybe Vue.js or React; distributed assets on CDNs with instant cache invalidation; a robust database such as SQL or MongoDB powering a RESTful API; Go, Node.JS, Ruby or PHP on the backend; version control and continuous delivery with Git. For single-page websites, I’ve come to love a static and automatically deployed on push process.

Since launching the first version of this website in 2007, I have felt compelled to keep up to date with the latest technologies and paradigms. Over the years, I have built several mission-critical websites, notably for one of the leading youth charities in Canada, custom CMS for gastropub and restaurants in St-Tropez and Montréal. With today’s architecture, pages should load almost instantly, display perfectly across all screens, devices and platforms. They can and should enable rich, real-time interaction with databases, no matter the underlying platform. At Allies and Morrison I worked closely with the sustainability department to develop a solar and energy feedback loop to inform design decisions. At Florian Busch Architects, I designed the company database and managed servers to be used for both for internal use and exposed on the public website, which I also built from the ground up.

Work experience