Max’s profile

Here’s the part where I talk about myself in the third person:

Building resilient & accessible websites since 2007.
Designing tools & workflows that empower others to build with confidence.
Transforming complex ideas into functional and elegant products.
Mentoring colleagues and aspiring developers.

I’m a designer & developer by trade, and I fancy the title of “digital toolmaker”. I am deeply fascinated by simplifying the complexities of our world through excellent tools and visualisations that enhance the way we think and interact. Having discovered so much from the generous people that shared their craft before my, most of what I build is open-source for anyone to peruse.

Here’s the list of my professional endeavours:

Prior to full-time employment, I gather a Masters in Architecture from McGill University in 2015 and a Bachelors of Arts in Design at UQÀM in 2011.