february 2012—architecture

Rehabilitating the abandoned Wells-Lamson quarry with the integration of artist studios and residences, and a visitors’ centre.

Booklet first page

This was an entry for the 2012 Lyceum competition.

What happens when industry leaves substantial marks on the earth?

The charge is to design a building complex for an institution devoted primarily to visual, literary, landscape and performing artists, engaging the site in a significant way commensurate with the size, scale and emotional impact of the quarry.


The granite walls define the relations between the interior and exterior spaces.


The walls are all identical in construction, but define the space each time in a different manner. For the studios, they protect from the direct sunlight; in the residences, they define the inner court; and they frame the view in the pavilion. The same construction principles, a concrete core and granite veneer, is applied equally to all of them.


visitors’ centre

A linear cut is made into the quarry in which visitors and artists can descend into and feel the immense power of the immobile stone.