Chicago Waterfront

March 2015

March 2015ā€”competition

The challenge of the waterfront kiosk is to create a programmatic artifact that can go beyond its utility as a seasonal distribution point for goods and services to be a year-round cultural generator for the city. This challenge arises from the problem that although most kiosks serve a seasonal function, they are nevertheless permanent interventions in the waterfront landscape. In other words their temporary programmatic ends do not align with their permanent architectural means. The opportunity this competition provides is to consider the kiosk relative to this problem and reconfigure it as an interactive amenity thatā€™s useful, serviceable, and engaging to a diversity of audiences and uses in the off-season as well as the on-season.

Winter Condition

The direction and design of our proposal unfolds according to three primary objectives based on a concept of spatial, programmatic, and visual expansion. Firstā€“the kiosk should respond more strategically to the changing environmental and social conditions that arise with the change of seasons by providing new forms of spatial occupation during winter. Secondā€“the kiosk should provide a similarly expanded set of programmatic capabilities that allow the public to use it in dynamic and diverse ways which augment its primary function as a commercial service point at the waterfront. Thirdā€“the kiosk should expand its urban function to include being a sign, symbol, beacon, and lantern that can attract attention and communicate other forms of contextual information useful to the public year-round.

project realised with Andrew Hunter Brown